Monthly Archives: December 2010

Multiple Merchant Accounts

Approve credit cards in Channergy through multiple accounts. Instructions When you set up credit cards in Channergy you can choose to use multiple merchant accounts for some of the supported software packages. You might do this if you use different accounts for different types of credit cards, or if you have multiple companies. To access […]


Add/Edit an Order <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Enter a new order or edit an existing or imported order. What’s New? Print Invoices by Company Serialized Inventory Multiple Product Substitution To access the Orders feature click on the Orders icon on the Channergy Explorer. The Order List will open. NOTE: In the demo the Order List defaults to […]


Add/Edit a Product    <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Add a new product to your inventory, or change an existing one.   What’s New? Serialized Inventory Multiple Companies Multiple Product Substitution Extra UPC fields Minimum Advertised Price Jump To: Stock Levels Assemblies (Kits) Suppliers Attachments Channels Multiple Locations To access the Products feature, move your mouse cursor to […]

Server Administration Tool

Introduction The DBIASM server administration tool is where you manage users and Channergy databases that are connected to client computers through the DBIASM database engine. This tool can also be used to monitor who is connected to the databases as well as the status of the database engine as well. Starting the Server Administration Tool […]