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Add/Edit a Ship Company  <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Add a shipping carrier, ship methods and charges. Quick Jump to: Add a Ship Company Flat Charges Charges by Order Total Charges by Weight Rates and Zones Instructions Add a new shipping company. Then enter charges for various ship methods. NOTE: These instructions only apply to orders that are […]

Product Cart

How Channergy Works with Product Cart Channergy downloads orders, upload product changes like price and quantity changes and uploads shipping confirmations. Channergy interfaces with Product Cart through its Multi Channel Manager (MCM). Sign Up Now for your Subscription… About Product Cart Product Cart is a customizable cart. You can use HTML and CSS to create your […]

Process Orders

Process Orders <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Batch process imported, downloaded and entered orders. Whats New? Priority Order Processing Check All and Uncheck All buttons on all tabs Box Scanning Item Serialization Jump To Fill Backorders Instructions You can use the Process Orders to automate your order fulfillment. Import orders from another source (e.g., your Internet store), fill […]

Creating and Running Scripts

Introduction Channergy includes files that enable users to write and run SQL scripts from the Tools menu.  There are a number of scripts that are installed in the data directory when the application is installed. NOTE: An in-depth knowledge of the Channergy database structure and general knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) is required before […]

Gift Certificates

Create, sell and redeem gift certificates Quick Jump to: Create a Gift Certificate Sell a Gift Certificate Redeem a Gift Certificate Track Gift Certificates Create a Gift Certificate Channergy will generate random certificate numbers (including a specified prefix and/or suffix if you wish) that can be printed or redeemed online. First, add a new product […]

Creating and Managing Subscriptions

Introduction The subscription feature in Channergy allows you to create recurring orders for products or services on a Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily basis.  It uses the Channergy scripting tools to generate new orders for products on a periodic basis and updates the number of issues left for each customer.  The subscription module requires some […]

Charges by Rates and Zones

Introduction Channergy can calculate UPS, FedEx and other rates from your area. You will need your Zone chart from each shipper’s web site before entering data. Channergy uses the shipping address Zip code during order entry to determine the recipient’s zone, then looks up the rate and enters shipping charges for the order. You will […]