Monthly Archives: February 2011

Add/Edit a Customer

Quick Jump to: <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Search for a Customer Add a Customer without Searching Additional Info Tab Special Pricing Tab Orders Tab Contact Log Tab Attachments Tab Instructions Search for an existing customer account before adding a new account or find a customer to edit and enter additional information and contacts. Searching for Existing Customers […]

Ads & Source Keys

Advertising Source Keys    <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Source codes for tracking the effectiveness of your ads. Instructions You may already be using source keys. They are identification codes you assign to an advertisement. You use them to track where your customers found you. Channergy makes extensive use of source keys. An Original Source Key is assigned […]

Sub-Products Utility

Quickly add multiple variations on products. Instructions If you sell clothing, or other items that are essentially identical except for their size, color and other descriptors (e.g., brand, flavor, pattern, etc.) you can use the Sub-products feature to make managing your inventory, and entering orders easier. This utility makes entering these Sub-products faster and easier. […]

Operators & Security

 < Back | ^Setup Home  |  Next > Creating and Managing Operators And Security Whats New Invoice Reports By Operator ID Company By Operator ID Email by Operator ID Introduction The Operators & Feature is used for two purposes.  First, as the name suggests, it is used to restrict the access to specific users to specific features […]