Looking for a solution to your inventory, customer management, orders and listings?

Channergy SE is the special edition of Channergy – our Omni Channel Manager that has been used by thousands of sellers since 1995. 

What does “Special Edition” mean? Well to start you can save a lot of money by only adding what you need to the base package. Channergy is enterprise level software with a hefty price tag. Channergy SE is just as powerful but you can start at a ridiculously low price.

Why? You may ask.

We’ve been selling and servicing Channergy since 1995. In that time we have learned a lot. Some of our best customers started from humble beginnings and tight budgets. They are still with us today and are selling on major platforms like Amazon and ebay.

We realized that Channergy was getting too big and too expensive for our core customers. So Channergy SE was born. You can start with just the inventory system for a very low price. Then add the modules you need like CRM, Phone Orders, POS, Channel Management and much more. Build your own as your budget and needs allow.

And unlike the plethora of start up and half baked systems out there Channergy is a mature and proven solution. Our customers have helped us design a real world system that does so much more than list online. Channergy meets the needs of businesses in all kinds of markets – from Airplanes to Zoos, we’ve seen and helped them all.

But that’s not all.

We have a curated shop chock full of 3rd party software you can’t find anywhere else. Most are substantially discounted and all are real products from reputable software developers.

So if you’re ready to step up your game and really automate your business check out the shop. There’s something for everyone.

Happy Selling

The Channergy Team

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