Big Commerce Product Import Tool


The purpose of this documentation is to show you the step by step process of downloading a products file from your Big Commerce store and adding the product information into Channergy using the Big Commerce Product Import utility.

Getting the product list from Big Commerce

This is the first step in adding your Big Commerce products to Channergy.  The steps are below.

  1. Log into the Admin panel to your Big Commerce store.
  2. Select the Products link from the left panel. 
  3. Select the Export link.
  4. Select the Bulk Edit option frrom the Built In Templates.
  5. Select the Export to Microsoft Excel (CSV) option
  6. Click on the Continue button. 
  7. Click on the Export my products to a CSV file link in the Products window. 
  8. When the product list has been generated, click on the Download my Products file link.
  9. Save the file to your workstation.
    1. Note, if you have multiple Big Commerce stores that you want to import products into  Channergy, you should consider renaming the default product file so that you know what store the product file came from.   By default the file name format is pproducts-YYYY-MM-DD.


Importing the data into Channergy.

Once you have downloaded the data, the next step is to import the products into Channergy.  The steps to do that are below.

  1. Launch the Big Commerce Import utility from the Tools menu in Channergy.
  2. Select the Big Commerce channel account that you want to import the products into.
  3. Click on the Select File button and load the file that you just downloaded into the application.
  4. Select the options that you want the tool to apply.
    1. Use Current Retail Price: This option sets the corresponding checkbox in the Big Commerce tab in the products table.
    2. Use Current In Stock: This option sets the corresponding checkbox in the Big Commerce tab in the products table.
    3. Use Product Number as SKU: This option sets the corresponding checkbox in the Big Commerce tab in the products table.
    4. Update Existing Products?: Checking this option will update all of the matching products in Channergy with the information from the Big Commerce product file. NOTE: Use this option carefully as it will overwrite product descriptions and prices in the main products screen as well as the Big Commerce tab.
    5. Add New Products: Checking this option will scan the current Channergy database and add any products in the file that do not exist in the Channergy products table.
      1. If the box is checked, the tool assumes that the Big Commerce sku will be used as the Channergy product no.
      2. If the box is unchecked, the tool will create a list of the products that did not match the current products in the database.
  5. Click on the Process Active Listings button.  The text box below the button and the progress bar will show the progress (and any errors encountered).
    1. Note that if you have a lot of products with variations, like size and color, it may take up to an hour to import the data.
  6. When the process is complete the products will show up in the Big Commerce channel tab.Note that for products that have variations, the Master SKU field will be populated with the Master SKU