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 < Back | ^Setup Home  |  Next > Only the system administrator should have access to the Preferences in Channergy. Important Note: Make sure everyone is out of the system and only on PC is being used when editing Preferences as the last station to exit will overwrite any changes made by other users. To open Preferences click Tools […]

Point Workstations to Database

 < Back | ^Setup Home  |  Next > After you install Channergy’s database and license files you can point each of the individual workstations to the data directory you created and shared. This allows them to simultaneously update and use the same data. Open Channergy by clicking its icon under the Start button. Click the Open Company folder. This […]

Database Utilities

  < Back | ^Setup Home  |  Next > Channergy includes a database utility for viewing and editing data tables directly. An ODBC driver is included for connecting to other databases like shipping software. The utilities only need to be installed on your server, but you can install them on each workstation if you wish. Download Now […]

Error Messages

Did you encounter an error in Channergy? Following are common errors and solutions. If you cannot find your error message below please Contact Support. Cannot Connect to Database Class not registered or Invalid Class String – when attempting to charge a credit card Access Violation   1. Cannot Connect to Database This error most commonly […]

Install License Files

 < Back | ^Setup Home  |  Next > To install your Channergy license files: Note: For Client/Server follow the steps below for your data directory, then visit: Quick Install: You can simply save the MWctrl files that were emailed to you directly into your data directory. Or you can use the following instructions to locate your […]

Phone Support

Phone Support Call 866-624-5927 x2 to speak to a representative. Please note that support rates apply. To purchase a 5 hour block of support visit our online store. Phone support is available as follows Prepaid Plan You can pre-purchase phone support and save. Support is available in 5 hour blocks. You may purchase as many […]