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Updating a Channergy Build

Introduction The purpose of this page is to provide you guidance on updating your system with a new build.  The process is generally as follows: Install Channergy on your server Update the database Update the client systems Here are the details Install Channergy on Your Server The server installation depends on whether or not you […]

Upgrading or Updating your version of Channergy

Introduction This post is intended to provide some general guidelines on updating/upgrading your Channergy software.  There are two process that this post will cover here, updating a build and upgrading to a new version. Updating: This is the process of updating the build of the current version of Channergy you are currently using.  Throughout the […]

Channergy QuickBooks Integration help

Introduction The purpose of this document is to show the setup and use of the QuickBooks Integration Export tool. Quickbooks Integration is downloadable from here. Background The Channergy QuickBooks Integration export tool is designed to export an .iif formatted file containing the daily sales (using either the Cash or Accrual accounting method) or bills.   This […]