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Add/Edit a Product    <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> Add a new product to your inventory, or change an existing one.   What’s New? Serialized Inventory Multiple Companies Multiple Product Substitution Extra UPC fields Minimum Advertised Price Jump To: Stock Levels Assemblies (Kits) Suppliers Attachments Channels Multiple Locations To access the Products feature, move your mouse cursor to […]

Receive Inventory

How to Use Receive Inventory Whats New? Item level discounts (both Percent or Amount) Product code scanning Product Serialization Cross Docking Administrative Override (This feature allows for administrative override of the item costs). Lot Numbers (This feature support lot number tracking for products including expiration dates). To access the Receive Inventory feature click on the […]

Email Notifications

How to use Email Notification  <Back | ^Setup Home | Next> The plain text Email Notification system built into Channergy is used to notify your customers about orders, back orders,  purchase orders and more.  The email notification system uses the same SQL language that the Report Writer uses, so almost any data can be extracted and emailed to your clients. […]