Channergy SE Purchasing Guide

Channergy SE has a lot of options. We’ve made it as easy as possible to build your own system as the lowest possible price. This guide provides a quick and easy overview to help you build your perfect system.

The Channergy SE Marketplace includes 2 main categories for purchasing the modules you need.



Bundles are pre built for each module in Channergy SE. They make it easy to buy a module all at once. For example the Inventory Bundle has the following options:

  1. BRONZE: Up to 100 Products can be entered into Channergy SE
  2. SILVER: Unlimited Products
  3. GOLD: Unlimited Products plus the Purchase Order and Receive Inventory features
  4. REPORTS: Add pre-built Inventory Reports to your Reports tab in Channergy SE. Includes all the above items as well.



Features can be purchased separately. This makes it easy to upgrade an existing purchase or to buy a feature you want without having to purchase everything in the bundle. For example, you can buy the 100 Products Feature and the Reports. No need to buy Unlimited Products or the PO and Receive Inventory feature.

  1. Inventory 100 Products Feature – This is the base inventory module which allows you to enter up to 100 products (Same as the BRONZE bundle)
  2. Unlimited Products Feature – You can purchase this feature to Upgrade the 100 Products Feature. Or you can buy it without having to purchase that module first. You will see a pulldown to choose Upgrade or Purchase.
  3. PO’s & Receive Inventory Feature – Add Purchase Orders and the Receive Inventory feature to either of the modules above. (e.g., you can buy the 100 Products Feature and this feature together)
  4. Reports Feature – Add pre-built inventory reports to any of the modules above. You can purchase this alone or in conjunction with any of the above.


Want to try it out for yourself? Visit the online store BUNDLES or FEATURES categories now.