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Inventory software is important to any retailer with products. If a merchant has multiple warehouses, performs drop shipping, or has multiple locations, the act of inventory management can be difficult. The Channergy inventory software can help with this by providing useful features, fields, and tools in one interface.

Channergy also builds kits, supports bar codes/scanners, and stores images which can be uploaded to web stores for easy inventory management. With the Channergy inventory management software, an online merchant can have unlimited product options (size, color, etc.) and includes dozens of other features you need for inventory control.

Inventory Software  Features

  • Multiple Product Number fields including UPC, Manufacturer’s #, Supplier #’s, ISBN’s and many more.
  • Fully supports printing and reading of bar codes and use of bar code scanners.
  • Multiple Price Levels with Quantity Discounts for each plus Mix & Match.
  • Optional VAT % at the product level.
  • Product Categories for searching, filtering and reporting.
  • Unlimited Options for any product (Size, Color etc.) with easy pull down search.
  • Powerful Product Search inventory system with multiple fields including your own custom fields.
  • Multiple Warehouse/Bin locations with priority pulls and overrides, allowing for simple inventory management
  • Drop Ship tools feature full support with automatic PO creation.
  • Kitting with cost calculations, hidden or visible printing of elements and on-the-fly editing.
  • Support for Multiple Suppliers per product with full PO history.
  • Attach multiple images, pdf and word files and more.

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