Inventory Systems are Expensive

ChannergySE Makes Inventory Affordable

Real Inventory Control Software at a Fraction of the Cost.

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You Need Inventory Management
Even If You Don't Stock Inventory!

It’s a Fact: Poor Inventory Control kills businesses.

Even if you never stock a single item you need to keep track of how many products your suppliers have, how much they currently cost, when they will arrive and where you get them.

If you do stock inventory you need to know all that and more.

So many successful businesses have been decimated by their own success. Inventory costs money every day it sits on a shelf. Sales are lost when you can’t fulfill because your supplier or drop shipper ran out of stock and you did not know it. Then there’s spoilage, customer and even employee fraud, backorders, substitutions and so much more. No one can manage all of it…

Until now…



ChannergySE is a real world inventory system constantly updated and used by thousands of customers since 1995. It has all the functionality of expensive ERP systems that cost tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Built for customers by customers, ChannergySE is unique in the industry. Never run out of stock, miss an order or pay too much to the wrong supplier.

Key or import your Products into ChannergySE. You can even import your Amazon and ebay listings directly.

Product Number, Name,
Short & Long Description,
Order Message & Type.

Create Unlimited
Variations (Size, Color etc.)

Multiple Price Levels,
Quantity Discounts,
Mix&Matrch & Multiple
Discount Options.

Shipping Weight,
Dimensional Weight
& Calculations.

In Stock, Multiple Locations
Backorders, Substitutions
Non Inventory, Dropshippers

Serial Numbers & VINs
Gift Certificates,

Multiple Images
PDF Files, Word Docs
Any Attachment...

Reorder Thresholds
Items on Order & BO
Std & Avg Cost

Modify quantities, add images, setup dropshippers. The information you need has a place in ChannergySE.

Start Selling! Your inventory is safe and accurate and you have all the tools you need.

Kits & Assemblies

Multiple Suppliers
Multiple Price/Cost

Optional Channels
Amazon, Ebay
Shopify & More...

Product Types

You Work Hard!
Don’t let your Inventory Take You Down.

It’s easy to be blinded by empty promises and get rich quick schemes. But we all know making money means hard work.

Don’t let that all slip away because you are looking for the next “Big Thing.”

Your Inventory is VITAL to your Success. Make sure you have it under control.


vs. The Competition
Special Offer One Time Price - See Below
  • Fishbowl - $4,395+
  • Lightspeed - $229 per mo.
  • Cin7 - $299 per mo.
  • Quickbooks Commerce - $150/mo.
  • AccountMate - $4,000
  • ActiveSeries Suite - $100,000
  • Sellercloud - $1,000/mo.
  • Infoplus - $695/mo.
  • StitchLabs - $799/mo.
  • ArbiMed Inventory - $250/mo.
  • Elmasys - $199/mo.
  • Blackpurl - $175/mo.
  • Sowingo - $175/mo.
  • Toolwatch Ent - $2,520
  • Versa Cloud- $1,800/yr
  • Easy Contracting - $1,950/mo.
  • How Much Do You Want to Pay?
ChannergySE Features
  • Generous length Product Number, Name & Short Description fields
  • Unlimited length Long Description field for each product
  • Order Message field that also shows up during Order Entry for quick reminders, Add Ons etc.
  • User definable Product Type field to identify, filter on search and email or print to customers
  • Customization memo field and 20 user definable fields for deep, granular product options
  • 4 Price levels per product each with Quantity Discount and Mix & Match options
  • Discounts based on Source Keys, products ordered, coupons, sales, location & more
  • MAP and Price Floor pricing to prevent underselling a price
  • Weight, Dimensional Weight, Shipping Insurance calculations & more
  • Stock Levels, Multiple Locations/Warehouses, DropShipper counts, Supplier Counts
  • Non Inventory option for virtual items, blow-ins etc.
  • Mark items "Not Available for Sale" by location
  • Prioritize sellers by price, availabliltiy or Drop Ship capability
  • Lot Numbers with expiration dates and Notes
  • Discontinue items and optionally do not allow Backorders when they get to zero
  • Create up to 3 Substitutions for a product if out of stock or discontinued
  • Unlimited Drop Shippers per item with stock levels and preferred order of suppliers
  • Bin Numbers for items for easy picking and packing
  • 5 User Definable Custom Fields that can also print or email to customers
  • ISBN #'s, 3 UPC codes, Manufacturer ID's
  • Supplier Product Number, Description and Price
  • Duty Percent, Preferred Currency & Tarriff Codes
  • Royalty and Commission tracking so you can pay affiliates and salespeople
  • Preferred Ship Method, Ships in Own Box and Max Ship Items count
  • Backorder Messages with can be printed or emailed to customers
  • Unit of Measure (each, case etc.), Markup Amount, 2 URL Image links
  • Serial and VIN numbers with tracking
  • Preorder option with Ship Date and Preoder Message
  • Multiple Company option that can be assigned by product & charge different prices
  • Reorder Thresholds, Quantity and Price including quantity discounts from vendors
  • Tracks items on order, backorder from vendors. Committed, BO, Filled, Shipped Returned & Canceled to customers
  • Standard and Average Cost calculations for inventory in stock and sold
  • Creates Kits, Assemblies and Breakouts from individual items sold as a group
  • Multiple Suppliers per product with vendor product #, description, price, discounts & more
  • Attach images, PDF files, Word docs - anything you wish to each product
  • Vehicle info for auto sales including Year, Make, Model etc. Filter on searches for these too
  • Optionally list on channels like Amazon, ebay, Shopify & more with multiple listings, prices etc.
  • Full Contact Log to track vendor returns, product issues etc. Schedule actions and tickle dates too
  • Manage Suppliers including contact info, min purchase amounts, FOB, terms, discounts & more


KNOW Your Inventory
Benefits What Really Matters
  • Reduce or Eliminate Backorders
  • Accurate Inventory All the Time
  • Sell on Multiple Marketplaces
  • Lots of Information in One Place
  • Total Control of YOUR Data
  • Automate Manual Tasks
  • Work with Drop Shippers
  • Minimize Costs
  • Buy from the Lowest Bidder
  • No More Guessing
  • Fast, Reliable & Easy to Use
  • Expandable & Customizable
  • Compatible with 3rd Parties
  • 25 Year Track Record
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Easily Accessible Database
  • Made by People Who Care

What can ChannergySE do for you?

See for yourself...

Inventory Can Bankrupt Anyone, even Amazon. Don't let that happen to you.

An obscure book about lichens saved Amazon from going bankrupt.

Book distributors required retailers to order 10 books at a time, and Amazon didn’t need that much inventory yet (or have that much money).

So, the team discovered a loophole: Although the distributors required that Amazon order 10 books, the company didn’t need to receive that many. So, they would order one book they needed, and nine copies of an obscure lichen book, which was always out of stock.

We are so confident in the power and ease of use of ChannergySE that we’re offering you a 14 day money back guarantee.

It’s simple…

Try ChannergySE, and if you experience any issues we’ll refund you every penny if we can’t make things right.

There’s no way for you to lose here. We take all the risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a fully functional version of ChannergySE Inventory. You do not need any additional tools and any upgrades are completely optional.

We love cloud apps, but…

Software developers love to sell cloud apps. Why? Because they can charge month, after month, year after year…. forever. 

And the cloud apps that charge once? Eventually they go out of business. Nothing is worse than investing time and money into an app only to have it disappear.

ChannergySE is extremely powerful with a feature set that is unparalleled. It has a SQL database and lots of extra optional tools. And, we’ve been developing it every year since 1995!

So, it’s not a cloud app because:

  1. We think you should only have to pay for your software ONCE.
  2. You have total control of your own data, on your PC.
  3. It works forever.

Not Natively, but you can use a PC emulator like Parallels or Wine (free), etc. Just search Google for Mac PC Emulators.

Yes, ChannergySE includes a product import script that can import from a simple text file.

ChannergySE comes with an import utility for your listings. It’s a $299 value that’s included FREE with your purchase.

No. During the launch phase you will receive ChannergySE Inventory for a one-time investment. But act quickly, pricing will increase after the launch.

Questions? Contact Us.

If you need any help regarding the Launch of ChannergySE Inventory click the button below to send us an email.

HURRY! We Launch in…

The Launch is Over - But Contact Us Above for More

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