We’re glad you are here. Channergy has been a big part of our lives for over a quarter century and we want it to be a big part of yours now too.

We’ve watched our customers start from their kitchen tables and grow to multiple warehouses and online stores. It makes all the long hours and years of hard work worth the effort. We’ve even seen a few retire. Now that’s cool.

We hope Channergy SE will make you successful too. There’s a lot of heart and experience baked into our software. It’s likely you won’t find something it can’t do.

Be creative. Our software is meant to be bent and poked. We have created some pretty interesting custom stuff over the years for customers with the same tools we provide to you for free (like the script editor and the report writer).

There’s nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it. Channergy SE just helps a bit along the way.

Happy Selling!

The Channergy Team


Welcome to the Multi Channel blog. As part of the mail order industry for the past 15 years and a provider of software for the same, I have a lot of unique experience. Our customers sell everything, which equates to a wide variety of challenges – many of which we have helped them solve.

If you have a question or interesting topic please feel free to post it here. I will do my best to answer it. Some thoughts to get you started:

PCI Compliance
Managing multiple carts
Price Competition
Sales Tax

Let’s get started.